Rev. Linda McHenry, Pastor of Caring Ministries

Linda McHenry, visitation pastor, st mark's lutheran church downtown asheville NCI am Pastor Linda and I am the newest member of the team of St. Mark’s. My role is to join the vibrant Pastoral Care Team who reach out to all who come our way in need of care and visits and support.

I am a child of our loving God, a sister to all whom God has made. I am wife of Jack (also a pastor) mother to Adam (all grown and living in California) and Jack’s daughters, and grandmother to Olivia and Nicholas (7 and 3). I love the mountains and am glad to be back. My favorite things to do include pottery, poetry and prayer; reading, eating interesting food, enjoying a glass of wine and laughing and sharing life with friends. I am also amazed each night at the sunsets over these blue hills.

St. Mark’s loved us and cared for us when we first arrived in Asheville in 1999 and I am grateful to be able to offer love and care to others as part of the St. Mark’s family. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.



Contact Information

Phone: 828.253.0043